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Chartered Examiners of Criminology and Forensic Investigation is a unique platform of professional validation and enhancement for professional development worldwide.  We are committed to human capacity building that allows various professions to become a part of body of Academic Researchers in multiple fields. Chartered Examiners of Criminology and Forensic Investigation is the foundation to explore crime, criminality, corruption, white-collar crime, policing, forensic investigation, insecurity, natural disaster, public safety, and effective leadership for public and private professionals to foster accountability, transparency, and professionalism integrity, worldwide.


CECFI has an integrated network of professionals in the North America geographical location and rest of the world. We promote professionalism and are determined to help members to achieve their full potentials, make constructive changes globally, and promote proficiency in due diligence, which transpires to transparency and accountability in business. We work in collaboration with academic institutions and organizations to facilitate training and engage in research studies to expand the body of knowledge for the benefit of the due diligence promoters and the intelligence community and to make a hedge for the fight against crimes and corruption through sharing of knowledge and experience among professionals in various communities, and occupations.


CECFI is committed to professional development for members to acquire the 21st-century requisite knowledge and analytical skills to manage contemporary problems and challenges related to crimes and criminalities. We provide our members' mastership and gain firsthand in diverse aspects of professional development. These including expertise in the criminal justice system, legal applications, court practice, fraud or white-collar crimes investigation, forensic investigation, intelligence management, behavioral analysis, private investigation practice, risk management, public safety and cyber-security, corruption non-compliance, and ethical irregularities combat both in corporate organizations and public institutions. Chartered Examiners of Criminology and Forensic Investigation, USA is a platform working with various higher institution of learning for academic research and professional development in continuing education programs, globally. We help in faculty improvement and facilitate coaching, training, and provide practical enhancement. CECFI members consist of professionals and scholar practitioners, a worldwide team of experts specialized to add value to our members, students, professionals, organizations, and institutions to them excel in understanding criminology and forensic investigation, and strategic leadership in fostering accountability, transparency, professionalism and integrity.  

Mannixs Paul, PhD - Founder
Dr. Mannixs Paul is an Associate Professor in the Campus School of Business and Technology, University of Phoenix, the President of Uniworld Corporate Investigations and Security Specialists LLC, " New York State Licensed Private Investigator" since 2007 and the Global Chairman of Chartered Examiners of Criminology and Forensic Investigation Inc, USA.


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Nominated Advisory Council
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