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Becoming a member or sponsor comes with a range of benefits. From exclusive access to events and programme discounts, to recognition on our website and social media channels, you'll be part of a community that supports our mission and enjoys the perks that come with it.


  • Sponsors and members of CECFIP enjoy the privilege granted to increase professional growth and efficacy in various specialize fields in criminology, forensic investigation, and strategic leadership

  • We offer members networking to share ideas and growth possibilities

  • Professional Validation and Recognition worldwide

  • Members are allowed to use our various professional designations: SCECFI, ACECFI, CECFI, FCECFI

  • Members and Sponsors enjoy discounted fees with our academy consortium worldwide

  • Continuing Professional opportunity is available to all members

  • Webinar Trainings for Sponsors Leaders and Members

  • Annual Membership Ethical Training

  • Third party service discount is offered

  • Enjoy discounted investigative service, background check as third-party service at ease

  • Worldwide Membership Registry and Referral service 

  • Annual free Orientation Conference for Members

  • Academic Opportunities for joint research degrees and publication among members 


  • Nomination to Advisory Council for Membership Proficiency Development (MPD)

  • Membership Blog Page (Membership Discussion Forum)

  • Management Consultancy service

  • Corporate network and Interactive among Business Leaders

  • Free admission to Membership Business Intelligence System

  • Sponsorship Opportunity is open to members with good standing and qualification

  • Webinar Trainings for Members discounted rated

  • Management Consultancy and others

  • In Service Referral letters among employees

  • Nominated intern Service and Employee support

  • New membership customizes Orientation and Training

  • Equal opportunity is open all members for our Mentorship, Academic Research Programs including recommendation to link of   Participating Institution worldwide for Adjunct Professors, Facilitator, and lecturer.

  • Equal opportunity is open all members to be involve in our progress initiative for professional growth, and engage to coaching or teaching in our seminars, short term training program and conference worldwide

Professional Development

Professional Development Training Programs

  • Crime and Criminality

  • Forensic Investigations

  • Window Forensic

  • Cyber Fraud, Tactic, Techniques, and procedure

  • Report writing for Criminal Justice Programs

  • Best practice for Managing and organization People in the 21st Century 

  • Criminal investigation, and Practical Mobile Forensic

  • Corporate Fraud and Forensic Accounting

  • Paralegal Practice & Procedures

  • Open-source intelligence Techniques

  • Effective community Policing Techniques

  • Expert witness theories and Practice

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Risk management

  • Fraud Analytic: Descriptive, Predictive, and Social Network Technique 

  • Fraud data Analytical Methods

  • Money Laundering Laws and Preventive Methods

  • Masters Detective Training Program

  • General Pringles of Criminology theories

  • Leadership strategy and Tactics for crime prevention

  • Crime Scene Investigation Techniques

  • Critical thinking for strategic intelligence management

  • Online intelligence gathering tool and technique

  • Environmental Forensic 

  • Governance, risk management and compliance 

  • Corporate Financial Risk Management

  • Managing the growing Risk of fraud and Corruption

  • Criminal Elements: Criminal law

  • Computer aided Fraud: Deterrence and Detection Techniques

  • Understating Leadership Challenges in Solving Organizational Problems

  • Public Safety Management and Practice

  • Diplomacy concept and practice

  • Executive Protection Training

Professional Development Training Programs

  • Executive Protection Training

  • Protective Intelligence and threat assessment investigation

  • Best practice and strategic management

  • Fraud Data Analytic Methods

  • Logistic support

  • Implementation of organizational strategy change

  • Corporate security

  • Compliance enforcement

  • Analysis of counter-terrorism issues relating to public safety

  • Business intelligence data analysis

  • Institutionalized organization problem analysis

  • Research and discovery Training

  • Emergency response management Training

  • Deterrence and detection of fraud

  • Anticorruption innovation

  • Independent worldwide documents verification and reporting service

  • Fact-finding and support of litigation case analysis Training

  • Expert witnessing Training

  • Others

  • Forensic Accountants Training

  • Fraud Examination Methods

  • Biometrics Forensic Experts

  • Computer and Digital Forensic Training

  • Cybercrime analysis

  • Psychology of crime analysis

  • Questioned Documents Examiners and Handwriting

  • Biomedical Forensics and Clinical Psychology review

  • Criminal Intelligence Management

  • Expert Witnesses

  • Interrogative and interviewing Method

  • Investigative Auditing Techniques and Practice

  • Conflict resolution management

  • Document Presentation

  • Others

Categories of CECFI Membership:

Note:  If your score is below 70% select Student Membership, below 100 choose Associate Membership and 100% above qualifies as Chartered Membership but subject to verification. (Documentation must be submitted to validate your claims and is subject to our assessment to determine the final award:


Invest Smartly

Becoming a member is a lifetime investment

Key fundamental Services:

  • Membership Empowerment Program

  • Members Services

  • Human Capacity Development

  • Profession Training, Seminars, workshop and Conference

  • Practical Enhancement for Members Capacity Building 

  • Strategic Alliance Training programs

  • Journal Publication Support  

  • Professional Enhancement and Validation Programs

  • Professional Networking

  • Joint Researcher Programs with Individual \ Higher Institution of learning worldwide

  • Global Mentorship Program

  • Consulting Services

  • Referral Service

  • Collaborative Initiative for governance and compliance, and ethical business promotion  

  • Research for Policy Reform, development and implementation

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Requirements for CECFI Membership

Prospective members are required to participant in one of our free 6-8 Hours Annual Training or Human Capacity Development programs via web-based Forum or in person (Special Privilege, 2020-2024)

Student Membership (SCECFI)



SCECFI is for candidates who score below 70% qualifying points in their self-evaluation.  This is for Student Membership (Special Privilege, 2020-2024).

Associate CECFI Membership Fee (ACECFI)


ACECFI requires a minimum of 70-99 % qualifying points to qualify for our Associate Recognition Membership Certification (Special Privilege, 2020-2024)

Chartered Membership (CECFI)


CECFI requires a minimum of 100 % qualifying points to qualify for Chartered Membership Recognition \Certification (Special Privilege, 2020-2024)

Fellowship Membership Award (FCECFI)


FCECFI requires a minimum of 100 % qualifying points and above to qualify for our fellowship award based on your individual Recognition and Contributions to the society, organization or in your field of specialization(s) (Special Privilege, 2020-2024)

Annual Membership


Annual Membership is required, and we provide free Eight Hours Human City Training for Members.

Professional Integrity


All members are required to be in good standing and maintain professional integrity

Processing Fee


Member Processing Fee

Contact Management



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Tel +1-332-201-6875


Uniworld Academy of Criminology and Forensic Studies

Dr. Mannixs Paul - Founder

Uniworld Corporate Security and Investigation Specialist LLC

(New York State license and bonded Private Investigation Company, since 2007) 

Dr. Mannixs Paul - Founder

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