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Evangeline Ngwashi, PhD


Dr Evangeline Asafor Ngwashi is a self -motivated, result-driven, and innovative professional with advanced knowledge in nonprofit management, leadership development, business management, and criminal justice. She is a graduate of Walden University, USA with Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice. Dr Ngwashi has multidiscipline field of studies. She is a holder of Master of Criminal Justice from Walden University and Master of Business Law from University of Yaoundé, Cameroon. She also attended Remington College, Florida, USA and achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and likewise received Bachelor of English Private Law from the University of Yaoundé. Dr Ngwashi is a Certified Forensic Investigation professional "CFIP" and a Fellow of International Institute of Forensic Investigation Professional., USA. 

Criminology and Behavioral Change Mgt Expert
Director of Membership Service

Full Profile

Dr Ngwashi currently serves on the executive board of the proposed Hebrews Federal Credit Union as the Director of Compliance for the State of Florida. She is an Advisory Board Member for Quality MD, Funders USA and College Food Network. From the healthcare perspective, Dr Ngwashi has experience in Hospice Care, Geriatric Care, and Home Health Nursing. Dr Ngwashi has acquired various training and certifications for professional development. She is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) from ISACA, 2021. Others include a Certificate in Information Technology and Comp-TIA Security + from The Computing Technology Industry Association, 2021. Dr Ngwashi also acquired firsthand knowledge and skills in Web Application Security (CWASP), Payment Security (CPSP), Professional Forensics Analysis (CPFA), and training in Anti Money Laundering from Network Intelligence, USA. She is engaged in Cyber security Boot camp and CYBERSEC Consulting, providing in \coaching, and she is committed to delivering Continuous Education for professional growth.


In addition, Dr Ngwashi has published four books with an astounding global readership. As a International motivational speaker, and have participated in conferences in the United State, Africa, Europe and others. Ngwashi has provided tremendous value to the multitude were privilege to hear from her. She is committed to coaching, and training in various fields. She is family and people oriented and endowed to add value to humanity.

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