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Economic Growth: Strategic leadership expert, Dr Paul calls on Nigeria, other African countries to leverage on COVID 19 Era 

Vanguard, December 11, 2021


Upcoming Event

February 2022

Free International Human Capacity Conference


Upcoming Training

March 2022

Annual free Orientation Conference for New Members  


Upcoming Conference

March 2022

International Strategic Alliance Conference for Leaders and Professionals, March, 2022


University for Development Studies

Conference Auditorium, Tamale Campus, Tamale Ghana

Faculty of Biosciences, 

Department of Forensic Science

   Cyber security * Forensic Investigation * Intelligence Management * Public Safety\ Executive Protection* Strategic Leadership * Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation 

Conference Theme:

The Menace of Inadequate Strategic Leadership and Forensic Investigations Skills for the Fight Against Public Safety, Cyber Security, Crimes and Corruption in Developing Countries 


March 28th- 31, 2022


UDS Campus and Online Available


International Strategic Alliance Conference for Leaders and Professionals

June 2022


Washington, DC and Online Available


Chartered Examiners of Criminology and Forensic Investigation, USA 


American University of Technology, USA

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