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Summit Policy

Summit Policy

Joining the Global Community in the Fight Against White-Collar Crimes and Corruption in Organisations

Leadership and Professional Empowerment Summit Worldwide, 2024.

Application for Seminar/Training/Conference Registration:

Leadership and Professional Empowerment Summit Worldwide, 2024.


Payment Method:

All conference seminar/training fees must be paid exclusively through an authorized financial institution to one of the organizers or as directed. An affirmation notice will be sent to the prospective participant upon confirmation of the fee payment.


Attendance and Refund Policy:

It is the participant's responsibility to attend the conference sessions as provided. Failure to participate is nonrefundable, except in cases where the program's coordinating organizations are at fault. Organizers reserve the right to provide an alternative date, adjust the program schedule, and change speakers due to unforeseen circumstances.


Application Form Rejection:

Organizers retain the right to reject application forms due to lacking space.


Travel Arrangements and Visa:

Participants are responsible for acquiring a visa to travel to the host country. Participants must pre-arrange transportation and accommodation before departing from their country or state of domicile.


Recording and Publicity:

Activities, including videotaping and photographing, may be recorded as publicity to support the institution's mission.


Contact Information:

Prospective participants are encouraged to contact organizers for any additional questions or concerns.


Documentation at Venue:

Participants must bring a copy of their payment receipt and a valid photo identification card to the venue.


Reservation and Refund Terms:

Payment is considered a Prospective Attendee Reservation of Space for the Leadership and Professional Empowerment Summit Worldwide, 2024. The selected payment is nonrefundable, except in the case of Visa denial, where a partial refund of 75% will be provided if evidence is provided 30 days before the meeting. Financial transaction fees for refunds will be subtracted.


Virtual Conference Participation:

Organizers may offer virtual conference participation (VCP) worldwide in the interest of professional development. Prospective candidates can opt for a 25% refund by notifying organizers no later than 30 days before the conference commencement date.


By submitting this application, I voluntarily consent to the above-stated conditions and acknowledge and accept the required terms and conditions for participation in the Leadership and Professional Empowerment Summit Worldwide, 2024.

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